Temecula Massacre (January 1847)

A little late on this post but January 1, 1847 was an important yet tragic date in Temecula History. This is the date (recently confirmed) of the Temecula Massacre. Californios from Los Angeles and San Luis Rey along with 50 Cahuilla allies killed between 38 and 125 Lusieno Indians just east of Temecula.

Don Jose del Carmen Lugo (Pueblo de Los Angeles) with 22 men, Don Ramon Carrillo (San Luis Rey) with 10 men, and Chief Juan Antonia (Cahuilla Indians) with 50 men ambushed the Lusieno Indians at what is now the intersection of Camino del Vino Road and Los Nogales Road.  This was in retribution for the Pauma Massacre where 11 Californios were killed.  This battle was the largest loss of life in the Mexican-American War in what is now the State of California.

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