Insanity In Old Town Temecula?


Taken from the Los Angeles Herald – August 4, 1905

T.J. Danforth is at the county jail awaiting examination for insanity.  He was found wandering about Temecula in a state of complete nudity, and was brought in by a deputy sheriff.  Danforth is a man of about 40, and says he set out from Vista, San Diego County to walk to Temecula, and had no water for three days.  He intimates further that he is just getting over a big spree, and the officers are hopeful for the return of his sanity.

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Gold Found Near Temecula!

As reported in the Daily Alta California – July 13, 1857


From Mr. Clark, formerly of the Monte, now settled in San Diego County, between Temecula and Warner’s Ranch, we have received a specimen of gold, which has been dug out of the land on which he is located. The place has all the appearance of a gold country, and this specimen was picked up almost by accident. It is to be presumed that labor would be remunerated if directed to gold washing. Water, however, is not abundant in that locality. – Star

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Earthquake at Temecula

As reported in the Sacrament Daily Union – November 22, 1871

(taken from the San Diego Union, November 14, 1871)

A gentleman just from the country informs us that quite a smart shock of earthquake was felt at Temecula, about sixty miles distant from San Diego, on the night of October 27th.  The people at Bergman’s and Charles Thomas’ ranches were thoroughly roused by the phenomenon, which was immediately preceded by a loud sound, as of an explosion.  The shock occurred about ten o’clock, and was three or four seconds duration.  The movement was from southwest to northwest. – San Diego Union, November 14th

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