Horses, Thieves & A Sheriff


 LOS ANGELES – The following items are from the News of October 24th:

 On Wednesday last, Deputy Marshal Frank Baker obtained information that a gang of horse thieves were prowling around the neighborhood of Temecula, and as a horse had been stolen from John Wilson, of this city, Sheriff Burns was informed of the fact, who despatched (sic) Frank Baker in search of the thief and horse.  Thinking that it was more likely that the thief might be in the neighborhood of Temecula, he obtained the services of Deputy Constable John Roberts, and started in pursuit.  In crossing the Santa Ana river they obtained information that a band of horses with eight or ten men had come up from below, on the river, and had crossed at that place.  From other parties along the road, Frank learned that several other bands of horse-thieves, all going the same way, had been seen, with animals.  Some of these parties came from the direction of Jaurapa (sic) and San Bernardino, but no large numbers of parties had passed Temecula.  Upon arriving at the ranch of Juan Machado, he informed Baker that there had passed, three days before, three different bands of horses, all in sight of one another – the first band having about eighty head of horses and twenty-two men; the second band, fifty head of horses and about eighteen men; and the third about twenty horses and eight men, showing evidently that this is one of the best organized bands of horse-thieves ever seen in this county, and that they have a rendezvous in the Temescal range of mountains.

Blogger’s Note:  I wonder if that is how Horse Thief Canyon got it’s name that is located north of Lake Elsinore.

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