Inquest Fails to Indict Husband of Dead Woman

 As reported in the Riverside Enterprise – Sunday, August 16, 1936


Coroner’s Jury Fails to Name Husband, Despite Testimony of Son

That Mrs. John McNeill, who was clubbed to death in her home at Temecula Thursday, met her death by a homicidal blow delivered by “some person” was the verdict, following an inquest at chapel of Acherson and Graham yesterday morning at 10 o’clock.

Not withstanding testimony by the dead woman’s son, John, that his mother, in a dying whisper to him in the Riverside County hospital , told him that his father, John McNeill, committed the deed, the jury failed to sign a verdict naming McNeill as guilty of the crime.

Finds Roller

Deputy Sheriff Paul Pierce testified that he found a rubber encased roller smeared with blood hidden in a box on the back porch of the McNeill home.  It is believed that the roller, taken from a clothers wringer, was the implement used in the assualt upon the woman.

Dr. J.S. Farrage, of the county hospital, who attended Mrs. McNeill when received at the hospital, gave testimony as to the cause of the woman’s death, a fracture of the skull.  He also testified as to her having received some broken ribs as a result of a blow.

Takes Prints

The county bureau of identification is endeavoring to record finger prints on the roller in question, but as yet nothing in the way of a definited negative has been brought out.

Whether or not McNeill will be charged with the crimes is now in the hands of Dist. Atty. Earl Redwine.

Deputy Coroner Seymor Cash conducted the inquest.  Asst. Dist. Atty. John Gabbert represented the state.

Funeral services for Mrs. McNeill will be held in Orange, but arrangements are still incomplete.  The body is being held at the Acheson and Graham mortuary pending completion of investigation by sherriff’s officers.

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