Husbands Denies Guilt

As reported in the Riverside Enterprise – Tuesday, August 18, 1936


John McNeill, blacksmith and deputy contable at Temecula, today continued to hold admantly to his claim of innonence as deputy sheriffs pressed their investigation in the fatal beating of his wife, Mrs. Melvey McNeill, in their Temecula home last week.

Held in the county jail awaiting the outcome of the investigation, McNeill has repeatedly told officers he is not guilty of the brutal attack upon Mrs. McNeill that resulted in her death.  She was clubbed with a roller from a washing machine wringer.

What He Says

McNeill told questioners that he removed the rollers from the wringer a day or two before the attack and had taken them to the blacksmith shop for repairs.  When he returned them to the house he laid them on the woodbox, he said.

Following the attack upon Mrs. McNeill, officers found the bloody roller hidden in the wood box.

McNeill claims he returned home and found his wife lying wounded on the floor.  At the county hospital a short time before her death Mrs. McNeill told her son, John Jr. 16, that McNeill had beaten her.

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