Murder at San Diego

Reported August 10, 1863.

A dispatch dated at Los Angeles, August 7th, says:

Patrick Murphy and John Davis, Citizens’ Express men, employed by Captain W.G. Morris, Acting Quartermaster, at Wilmington depot, on their way to Fort Yuma, were brutally murdered some four miles east of Temecula, on Saturday last, at 3 o’clock P.M.  The bodies of the murdered men have been recovered.  The mails, as far as can be ascertained, have been recovered with little loss.  Captain Morris is on the trail of the murderes, and will use every exertion to bring them to justice.

(Blogger’s Note:  View post on July 10th for another account from the Daily Alta California describing the scene of the murder.  In 1863 the Temecula Post Office was located at the John Magee store south of the Temecula Creek approximately across from Kohl’s.  The location of the murder, based on this report, would be about 1 mile east from the Anza Road stop light on Highway 79 South.)

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