A Ghost in Vallecito – 1859

As reported in the Daily Alta California – 16 February 1859

Vallecito has been excited for two weeks about the supposed doings of a ghost occupied by a family in that town.  Every night, says the Calaveras Chronicle, loud knockings have been heard in the house, sometimes in the garret, at others against the partitions, and again upon the tables – sometimes upsetting tables, chairs, etc. and raising a general row throughout the house.  The neighbors have watched, night after night, with double-barreled guns, revolvers, etc. without being able to get sight of the midnight intruder.  Latterly they have come to the conclusion that it is a spirit from the other world, who is desirous of communicating with the occupants of the house.  A medium was sent for, but the spirit refuses to communicate with any but the gentleman of the house, and he refuses to communicate with the spirit.  How they will settle matters remains to be seen.  The spirit informs the medium that he will not leave them in peace until he obtains an interview with the person desired.  The editor of the San Andreas Independent, referring to the same ghost, says: “He will rap and stamp upon the floor and weather-boarding, each knock of his invisible mallet increasing the amazement of the watchers.  So far he (or perhaps she) has baffled every effort at detection.  The “critter” is absolutely intangible, invisible, uncomatible (sp.?), and pronounced by judges a ‘genuine ghost!’ – an institution never before dreamed of in the philosophy of this practical age and country.”

Note:  Vallecito is a small former mining town located in the Mother Lode of the Sierra Nevada, southeast of Sacramento.

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